Drinking Whiskey With Friends…Virtually

One of the lasting things of 2020 may wind up being we finally figured out how to properly hang out virtually as a group.

Whether it be Zoom, Facetime groups, Google Classroom, we have all been forced figure out ways to see each other without seeing each other. Companies now have virtual happy hours. Vendors do the same for clients.

For example, tonight I was able to log into Facebook and watch a podcast with guys I went to high school with…and a couple whiskey experts. I wasn’t even part of the recording, just the chat. But still, it is nice to be a part of something, anything at this point in the pandemnic.

And it was pretty damn educational, thanks to my new bests friend, Mark Gillespie. Mark runs whiskycast.com and has since 2005. I had never heard of him before tonight. I now follow him on Facebook and Twitter. I’m subscribing to his podcast. He just got a stalker. Hopefully he is cool with that. I’ve just started writing about whiskey. I may have to pick his brain, or show up at his door, or whatever.

So to Sam, Brian and Brian: thanks for letting me hang tonight. Mark may hold it against you though.

The tasting lineup tonight.

If you want to know more about whiskey, check out this Great Course: History of Bourbon. And that Wright Thompson Pappyland book is in my list to get to soon.


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