Fab Five Friday–Jan. 29, 2021

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to.

Morgan Wade–Wilder Days

This is one that popped up on my radar when someone posted in an American Aquarium group with “I know they share a lot of fans”. Okay, I’m interested. Oh, it is also produced by Sadler Vaden (Dadler, as the young Wade calls him). Well then, you definitely have my attention.

Wilder Days is a ear worm worthy of repeat play. Wade’s debut album, Reckless, is due out soon.

Tell me every single secret in your mind,
Come on, baby, we got nothing but time –
You say, I am too young for you.
You are just scared I’m too right for you.

Mumu Fresh–A Healing

This one catches your attention immediately with that piano riff from Lean On Me. Maimouna Youseff, aka Mumu Fresh, brings the soul and spits a verse at the same time.

Sometimes you just need a feel-good song, and this is this week’s entry into that category.

Willie Jones–American Dream

I didn’t care for much of this album. Much of it came across as Uncle Kracker Goes To Nashville With A Click Track, despite the fact he is from Louisiana and . As a fan of both genres, I try not to be too dismissive of the blending of the two, but I do admit I’m still skeptical, apparently. But still, this song has some sticking power to it as it smacks you a little in the face, in a good way. It’s the type of song Wayne County would hate while loving the rest of the album. I’m the opposite.

Kelsey Waldon–Mississippi Goddamn ft. Adia Victoria and Kyshona Armstrong

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to include Nina Simone covers in this weekly feature either, but here we are. Powerful voices over strong lyrics with a sparse string and jug sound? Yep, I’m in. Waldon, out of west Kentucky with bluegrass roots, recruited Victoria (Nashville by way of Spartanburg, SC) and Armstrong (also Nashville) for this southern culture anthem, updating the 1964 original.

Dumpstaphunk–Justice 2020 ft. Chali 2NA and Trombone Shorty (Cut Chemist Remix)

I’m a fan of Trombone Shorty, my second favorite trombone player because you will never convince me Antonie Batiste isn’t a real person. Dumpstaphunk is a New Orleans funk band led by Ivan Neville on vocals. They have been kicking it since 2003. Chali 2NA is an old-school favorite of mine, better known as the baritone dude from Jurassic 5. Cut Chemist was the DJ/producer of that group. So basically, this was a bunch of things I previously really like coming together on a track.

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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