Book Nook: Pearls Awaits The Tide, by Stephen Pastis

I’m a newspaper guy. And yes, that includes the newspaper comics. When I saw a tweet in December from Stephen Pastis about his latest treasury of Pearls Before Swine strips, I knew my christmas shopping just got a little easier. I ordered five copies. Each of my co-hosts on Take The Points got a copy, plus my future brother-in-law. Pearls Before Swine has become my favorite strip. I use to be a Dilbert guy, but I think Pearls has surpassed even peak Dilbert. I read comics and have read strips for years, but I actually think this might have been my first book of strips. It makes for a hell of a bathroom book in that format. And for those who read Pearls regularly, yes, I definitely most self-identify with Rat. He is my doodle spirit animal. If you haven’t read it, I actually have the physical copy of this one if you want to borrow it.


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