Book Nook: Dead Acre, by Rhett C. Bruno & James Castle

Dead Acre is an Audible original, written by Rhett C Bruno and Jaime Castle, and ready by Roger Clark.

This one was one of those short read, free with Plus books I grabbed a while back and just got to. It is a prequel to a series called The Black Badge, which is something you see Audible do quite often, give away the first book of a series.

Dead Acre is a sci-fi western fantasy centered around James Crowley, an outlaw turned avenger of God. Clark is the voice of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 if you ever played that video game.

Dead Acre is a short story about Crowley’s being sent on a mission to a random western town, unraveling into the why and when of the mission. Spoiler alert: for reasons not of this world.

Between Clark’s deep cowboy voice and the “possessed Undertaker” cover art, this has a real “if Mean Mark was cast in Supernatural instead of two pretty boys” feel.

At 3 hours, 24 minutes (at 1x, as if anyone listens at 1x anymore), this is no chore to get through, but it also is not something that has me looking to continue with the series. Which is the whole point of the freebie model. That being said, it is getting a 4.6 average rating on Audible with 4,733 reviews as of this writing, so it is certainly enjoyed by many. If you enjoyed Hell on Wheels or Supernatural, this one might be for you. And if you enjoyed both those shows, then this is almost definitely for you.

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