Book Nook: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

A couple weeks back, I was watching the Marvel 616 documentary series on Disney+. One of the episodes was on inclusion within comics. They interviewed several women for the show and the female side of Marvel. One of them was Amy Reeder, a writer and artist who was part of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, a comic series about a time-traveling dinosaur and a pre-teen Inhuman who wants to change the world but is also afraid to change herself.

Reeder talked about the reaction she got from little girls at some of the comicons and such. How much their faces lit up to see a girl who looks like them be a super hero. I immediately thought of a friend who’s little girl might have the same reaction, so I bought the trade paperback with the first six issues.

So, of course I read it before I pass it along.

There have been 47 issues. This book included just the first six. Moon Girl is aimed at a little bit younger of a reader, but I’ll probably keep reading this one online, mixing it in as a still work my way through some of the old 60s stuff.

Moon Girl is Lunella LaFayette, a pre-teen genius gadget creator. She is a loner, smarter than her classmates, who hates school, and people for the most part. She also is afraid of what will happen to her when the time comes for her Inhuman mutation to evolve. Devil Dinosaur was a short-lived Jack Kirby creation that gets revived in this series through some time travel hijinx. There is even a Hulk appearance in the form of Hulk Amadeus Cho, a slightly older super genius foil.


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