Book Nook: The Dogs of Venice, by Steven Rowley

The Dogs of Venice is a short story about Paul, a recent divorcee who escapes to Europe in search of himself, or something. The book encomposses Paul’s last couple of days on his trip, as he deals with how to move on, and finds a strange mentor…a mut roaming from table to table looking for scraps.

At just 1 hour, 21 minutes of an audiobook, this was a freebie on Audible. I’m honestly not even sure how it wound up in my library. I’m guessing it was the “Read by Neil Patrick Harris” on a free book.

I’m not sure if I would file this under recommend, but at least it was short enough to also not feel like I was out anything for investing some time as well. And to be clear, NPH does an admiral job, and there is nothing wrong with the story at all, but I have a wheelhouse and this does sit in that zone.


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