Dunk City, Nine Years Ago Today

It was nine years ago today the world met Dunk City.

2013. Florida Gulf Coast University took the world by storm in the first two rounds of March Madness, knocking off Georgetown and San Diego St. as a 15-seed. And they did it in electrifying fashion.

This year’s Sweet 16 has another 15-seed in the St. Peter’s Peacocks, but they did it in an entirely different fashion. Because very few could match Dunk City’s high-flying act. Seriously. Someone made a clip of all the dunks, because the internet is undefeated. Yes, I just watched it twice. You should too.

I was in Vegas for the tournament that year. I’ve been several years, and the Dunk City games were as electric as I have ever seen a sportsbook. The whole town went nuts for Dunk City. Man it was fun. Sportsbooks generally have their pockets of crowds, with each group rooting for their bets. With FGCU, it was everyone. It was a phenomenon that has not been matched since. I had to google who won the championship game that year (Louisville, vacated later). But I remember Dunk City.


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