What Are Your Road Trip Go-To Songs?

I have a couple of road trips coming up in the next couple of weeks. Heading to Nashville for a weekend, then a quick turnaround before heading to Chicago for a few days. So, I do what I do–make a playlist.

I have done this a few hundred times just since Spotify became the modus operandi. Sometimes, the playlist is built around a destination theme. Texas songs, Carolina Songs, whatever concert I’m road tripping to, etc.

Sometimes, the playlist is built around the people in the car with me for said road trip. But, when I building these lists, I tend to have a couple go-to songs that are in ever road trip playlist, no matter who I’m with or where I’m going.

And they are not even popular songs. If you have not road tripped with me before, you may not have heard them. But they are my “let’s have some fun, fellow travelers” songs. One was even suppose to be the walkout music after our wedding ceremony to let everyone know shenanigans were about to commence, except the DJ played the wrong song.

That one was the Dirty Guv’nahs’ Morning Light. Watch this and try not to smile. If I still used an alarm clock, this would be it.

That one has been a staple for a few years now. The other go-to road trip banger for me is somewhat newer. It has gotten more radio play than Guv’nahs. Still, I’m the music snob of my ring of fellowship, so it is still new to most of my car companions.

The Vandoliers’ Every Saturday Night is ultimately a song about regret, but you couldn’t tell because it is a sing-along slapper.

I have a few others that make a fair number of my playlists, but these are the two staples now. Head somewhere with me that is more than an hour away, and you will hear them.

So, what are you go-to road trippers?


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