College Football, Week 1, Thursday Slate

Well, week 0 did not disappoint, with two fun games. Hawaii pulled off the double-digit upset in week 0 for the second straight year, despite four interceptions and benching their starting quarterback. And that all came after Miami covered against Florida in a low-scoring affair, something we warned of. My projections wound up splitting against the spread.

Week one brings our first Thursday games. I kind of like Texas State to backdoor cover in a game more important to them than Texas A&M. I like UCLA to be improved in year two of Chip Kelly and think that game is a true coin flip game.

There is only one road favorite Thursday, with the Utes traveling to rival BYU. I liked the early number on the Pac-12 championship future for Utah before it got bet heavy, but I’m still staying away from that game this week. BYU blew a 20-point lead to Utah last year. I could be tempted by a BYU first half moneyline, but not at the current +143. Need a better number than that.

Arizona State is starting a freshman quarterback, but Kent State can not acclimate to the heat, with a 40-point difference in temperature expected. I would look at the under there, unless you can get Kent +27 or more later in the week.

Week 1 Thursday

AwayRTGHomeRTGHFAIAW SpreadVegas
Georgia Tech34.95Clemson1.652.9-36.2-36
Florida Int.33.22Tulane36.632.480.93-2
Texas St44.18Texas A&M14.091.81-31.9-33.5
Kent St45.41Arizona St24.483.32-24.25-25

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