Worth The Read: No Depression on The Highwomen Formation

I subscribe to No Depression magazine, which comes out quarterly with a hard copy. I rarely get to read them cover-to-cover, but if nothing else, their covers serve as fantastic art work generally. Over at their website this week, they have a story on the formation of the Highwomen, which for those who have been paying attention know I am rooting for so, so much. I am 100 percent behind this. The album came out last week. I have given it a few casual listens, but not rated it yet.

I was already a huge fan of Amanda Shires and Brandi Carlisle, and I appreciate Morris didn’t decide she was too big for this. The article made me really appreciate Natalie Hemby’s role more. She was an unknown to me heading into this project.

Jason Isbell and Highwomen originator Amanda Shires are my favorite Twitter/Instagram couple.

From time to time, I would like to share the books and articles I read that are worth your time.

In the article, they reference the group debut at the Newport Music Festival, which is a festival on my bucket list, along with Mile 0, Steamboat and a few others. That led me down the proverbial Youtube rabbit hole this week.

One of the all-time great songs I am always down to here a cover of: Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain.

And how about another cover of a legendary song?

“It occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, that Brandi Carlisle could sing this song, and it could be a gay country song; so we wrote it from that perspective…and then what I thought about was, we are going to have to take this song to Brandi Carlisle, and I’m not gay, not all the way. So I thought this is kind of like taking my civil rights movie to Spike Lee. But she loved our gay country song and we loved it too.” Jason Isbell.


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