Mule Runners Win Lawrenceville Invite

WIth five runners in the top 15, Justin Sanders’ Fairfield Mules won the Lawrenceville Invitational Saturday. The Mules finished with 35 points, followed by the host Indians in second with 45. Paris was third at 58 and Dieterich was fourth with 77. Five other teams had runners, but not a full team.

Casey-Westfield’s Cort Ross won the boys’ race in 16 minutes, 2 seconds. Lawrenceville’s Brayden Green was a distant second at 17:25.3. Fairfield’s top finisher was Austin Schuster in fourth at 18:06.5.

Boys Results

1Cort RossCasey-Westfield16:01.97
2Brayden GreenLawrenceville17:25.28
3Isaac StanfordFlora17:47.94
4Austin SchusterFairfield18:06.50
5Trevor ParkerLawrenceville18:16.53
6Chase SmithFairfield18:48.31
7Seth SeitzingerLawrenceville18:49.21
8Jacob BrittFairfield19:10.72
9Kyle FriendOdin19:31.22
10Wyatt RichParis19:31.59
11Ethan ViceParis19:33.97
12Jeffery BennettParis19:39.44
13Levi SliferDeiterich19:48.41
14Trenton RutherfordFairfield20:12.81
15Griffin HinkleFairfield20:14.88
16Jackson ParcelCasey-Westfield20:20.84
17Will TempletonParis20:24.34
18Wyatte BrummerDeiterich20:29.03
19Cole WillDeiterich20:33.18
20Ian BaileyNorth Clay20:42.84
21Will HosseltonCasey-Westfield20:46.81
22Kollin RamosLawrenceville20:53.25
23Kolton KiddDeiterich20:57.69
24Walker PrattOdin21:14.78
25Owen AyersFlora21:16.56
26Colin BensonLawrenceville21:30.25
27Ethan KiddDeiterich21:38.81
28Caleb LawsonParis21:51.81
29Richard LinParis21:57.59
30Colton HayesPalestine-Hutsonville21:58.06
31Jerek KeoughanFairfield22:26.91
32Parker HigginbothamParis22:23.62
33Blaine BeaboutPalestine-Hutsonville22:45.56
34Jacob PickeringPalestine-Hutsonville23:08.66
35Braden KellyOdin24:07.78
36Blake KnoblettPalestine-Hutsonville24:18.28
37Alex WituckiFairfield25:27.53
38Caleb MeeksFairfield25:54.09
39Levi JerniganParis26:23.12
40Connor FlachDieterich28:05.28

Girls Results

1Kaitlyn CoombesParis20:59.06
2Katie MooreLawrenceville21:21.84
3Payton RossCasey-Westfield21:39.62
4Jasmyn SelfCasey-Westfield21:53.97
5Grace TowlesCasey-Westfield22:03.97
6Ophelia KleinLawrenceville22:26.38
7McKenna CarterNorth Clay22:31.84
8Cara EaglesonLawrenceville23:02.31
9Trinity TingleyParis23:35.81
10Cortney BrummerDieterich23:48.25
11Madyson RigdonParis23:53.62
12Britney WrightCasey-Westfield24:37.06
13Jessie CrawfordFairfield24:42.15
14Kyla JohnsonDieterich25:07.91
15Kylie WhiteFairfield25:21.34
16Mallory PineParis25:48.31
17Faith AherinDieterich26:06.97
18Annalise LittlejohnParis26:29.44
19Andrea BiermanDieterich26:33.56
20Madilyn BrummerDieterich26:55.09
21Katelyn CrawfordFairfield27:13.81

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