Eastern Michigan, Really?

Eight point favorites at home, and they lost to Eastern Michigan. This is such an Illini thing to do. Eight-point road dogs winning are not exactly rare, but this one will almost assuredly shake things up.

When I started my new job, I had to go back to using a Windows laptop. That also meant moving on from the far superior Macbook Pro trackpad and going back to a mouse. I haven’t used a mouse since 2012. I also use a glass-top bar for my desk, so I had to borrow a mouse pad from my coworker. I’ve used it for the last several months.

But, you lose to Eastern Michigan at home, you have to go. So, meet my new mouse pad. Because Captain America never lost to EMU.

Besides, you gotta stay young if you wanna grow old.

Seriously, I thought coming in Illinois needed to get to six wins this year for Lovie to keep his job. To pull that off, they really needed to start 3-0, beat Rutgers and Northwestern later and pull off one upset. At 2-1, they now need to beat those two, and pull off two upsets in games they will be double-digit underdogs in. In other words, it’s time to cut that next coach list down a bit and get serious about who is coming in next.

With that in mind, who you want Illini fans?


One thought on “Eastern Michigan, Really?

  1. I want you to quit being such a hurtful jerk. And I want the same guy I wanted when we hired Beckman. Mike frickin Leach! And I want to beat Nebraska this Saturday! And I think I’ll probably go 0 for 3 on my wishes, Alladin’s little helper!

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