Smoked Chicken

We use to grab rotisserie chickens quite often, but have been buying whole chickens and cooking them in the Instapot mostly lately. We are able to get more meat that way, generally.

But, I was able to get off work a little early and decided to smoke the one we grabbed this weekend. It was on the smaller side, and only took 2 1/2 hours to get to 165 degrees. I then threw it in the cast iron skillet and flash broiled it a couple minutes to crisp up the skin.

I have a propane cabinet smoker, and I went with hickory chips for this one. For a rub, I just slathered it up with olive oil and worked in some Pit Boss Champion Chicken rub. It is a pretty straight forward, basic rub. I usually do some sort of cajun or lemon pepper, but gave this a try just for variety’s sake. I can’t cook with as much heat as I normally would when I’m sharing with the wife.

The carcass is now sitting in the crock pot with water, leeks and seasoning. It will simmer for 24 hours to make some homemade broth.


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