A Streak Is Coming To An End

I moved to Fairfield in 2005, making this my 15th football season covering the Mules.

I have never missed a varsity game. Not one. Until next week. I have a trip taking me out of the state this week.

I have had the pleasure of watching 98 wins in that span. Some classic games, some fun moments, some great kids. I’ve seen three playoff wins. It was the third one today that makes me glad my streak is ending. Because it means the season continues without me for another week for a fun team who has put in the work. They deserve it. I would rather my streak end than their season.

So next Saturday will be a bit bittersweet for me. Knowing me, I will have the game up on the phone. I will be there in spirit.

Waddya say Mule Nation? Feel like starting a new streak for me in round three?


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