Where Are The Mules?

When I left the Wayne County Press, I still wanted to be a part of the local sports community. Maybe I even needed it. So, when I decided to use this blog as an outlet for my writing, it was easy to add the Mules coverage to my random other musings and addictions.

So, all fall, I covered the Mules whenever I could, moving on from the paper. I have enjoyed the new outlet. It has allowed me to do some new things, and frankly, reach a wider audience.

Then, on Monday, the young man who replaced me at the paper left abruptly, and the Press was once again without a sports guy. So, I agreed to help them whenever I could. I’m not back at the Press, just helping. My priorities have still changed with the new job, new wife, new life. But, my loyalty to that past life leads me to helping them when I can.

I have parameters to keep me from overextending myself again, but I will be covering the Mules some for the paper until they can find someone else.

But, that also means while I am doing that, I will not be putting Mules stories on this here blog. It would not be fair to the paper to do that while helping them.

I wrote a football playoff preview for them Thursday. I covered the volleyball regional championship Thursday. I’ll write football and cross country this weekend.

The future may change and the stories may return here, but for now, I’m going to kindly have to ask ya’ll to buy a damn paper once again.


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