Finally, The Weez Has Returned…

I had an extended vacation as a kid in California. Ever since, I have had this picture in my head. Remember, nostalgia is undefeated. But, other than a stop over at LAX, I never made it back.

Until this week.

We flew from St. Louis to San Diego, working our way up the congested I-5 to Anaheim.

The first stop was Lucha Libre Taco Shop, just outside of the San Diego airport. Anyone who has seen my VHS collection of lucha libre gets why this was a must stop for me. Plus, solid tacos.

Plus, some cool decor.

And all that talk about the LA traffic, yeah…

A few hours later, we got checked into the Grand Californian inside Disneyland, and went out to eat again. Just outside our hotel, in Downtown Disneyland, is a bowling alley/pub called Splittsville.

Guys, this is bowling alley sushi…

And the Fig&Pig flatbread.

And of course, another IPA, from Temecula.

I was able to catch the end of the Raiders/Chargers game here. In LA, home of the Chargers, there was one Charger fan and the rest were Raider fans. As it should be.


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