Interesting Air: Playlist of the Week–Going Back To Cali

I’ve been kicking around the idea of posting one playlist a week to supplement the Friday music posts. With a trip to California on deck and my weekly Friday post in jeopardy due to that trip, I decided now is as good a time as ever.

The playlist is the modern blogger’s version of the mixtape. And yeah, I was the kid with blank cassettes trying to time the record button to the radio, hoping the DJ didn’t talk over the intro.

Most weeks will be a Spotify list. That is the majority of my music consumption. I may experiment with this in the future, but the majority will be Spotify.

And it is the California trip that inspires the inaugural PotW. I tend to make playlists for my road trips, or plane flights. I have both coming up this week in LA and San Diego. So yeah, I made a mixtape for California livin’. It has some hits, some bangers, some undeground, some old, some new.

So, I leave tomorrow. See anything I need to add?


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