Fab Five Friday–Dec. 13, 2019

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to.

Kesha–Resentment ft. Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson, Wrabel

There are four names I never expected to hear together. This one actually leans more into the country side than the pop side, in so much as the hurt in this one feels legit. It has Sturgill on the acoustic guitar and Wilson on backup vocals. Sturgill and Kesha seem like an odd pairing, but both have Nashville ties and both have shown a penchant for say screw it to pigeon-holing themselves into a genre.

You could treat me better if you really wanted to.

I don't hate you, babe, it's worse than that/ because you hurt me and I don't react/ I've been building up this thing for months/ Oh, resentment.

Gary Clark Jr.–Pearl Cadillac ft. Andra Day

Gary Clark Jr. put out the Prince-inspired Pearl Cadillac a couple years ago, but just released a redo with Clark’s falsetto trading verses with Andra Day. This track is shorter than the original, with some of Clark’s guitar work hitting the cutting room floor, but he still lets it soar with the work that remains.

Trampled By Turtles–Our Town

TBT’s cover of this Iris Dement made me think of the TV show Friday Night Lights, but I think mostly because it shares a melody with Tony Delucca’s Devil Town (which was used heavily in FNL), and what I imagine Explosions in the Sky would sound like with a banjo and fiddle.

The Heavy–Last Man Standing

Video gamers already know this one well thanks to Borderlands. The Heavy are a Brittish band well into their second decade now, but they hit it big just a few years ago with How You Like Me Now?, including one of the better Late Night performances. This one brings the fun and horns once again.

Kiefer Sutherland–Blame It On Your Heart

Yeah, you read that right. Jack F’n Bauer doing a country boogie cover of Patti Lovelace. And he sticks the landing. New challenge, listen for 24 hours straight. (Damn it Chloe!)

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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