CFB Championship Blog: Clemson vs. LSU

Here is what I’m reading ahead of tonight’s championship game between Clemson and LSU. Dabo vs. Coach O, and I’ve got Swinney’s Tigers +5.5. I thought the two best teams met in the semifinals, with Clemson clipping the Buckeyes.

538’s What To Watch For

The Athletic’s Scouting LSU: What coaches who faced the Tigers say about the national championship finalists (paywall)

Footballoutsiders’ Seventh Day Adventure: National Championship Preview

Profootballfocus: 2020 NFL Draft: Top 10 prospects to watch in the National Championship

And yeah, I did a Draftkings lineup.
The only Clemson shirt I own. Worked last year.
Game beer.

Live Blog

Missed the first couple of drives, finishing up my long walk for the day. I’m back.

Trevor Lawrence running the ball is a big reason why I picked Clemson +5.5 in this one. They held his designed runs in check this season, but called 14 in the semifinal. Smart move by Swinney. Career management, until it is time to go in the big games. Clemson on the board first with a QB keep. Couldn’t tell on TV if that was called or a read.

A Colt Brennan mention! The Fighting Rainbows, baby!

Isaiah Simmons plays everywhere. He will be what has become the prototype nickel linebacker in the NFL, which has become the new base. He is one of the few human beings in college football who can match LSU’s backfield.

Clemson coordinator Venables lifted the 3-2-6 from Iowa St this offseason. Tonight, he is using some 3-1-7, bringing a LB up the middle for a fourth man.

LSU got away with a slight pushoff on that first TD catch, and a hold, but damn Burrows throws a fun deep ball.

Live bet Clemson +160. Time to get weird.

I’m firmly on Team Kicking Shouldn’t Exist In Football, and the captain of Punting Is For Quitters, but I started both kickers in my Draftkings tonight, so give me all the triples you got tonight Tigers.

Longest field goal in championship game history? Catch the fever, folks.

Clemson, #47.

Swift, Edwards-Helaire, Dobbins, Ettiene. Nice class, as most people seems to like Ettiene the most for the NFL.

Tee Higgins is a dude. Tackle high at your own risk.

LSU now at +140. Do I fire back and have plus money on both sides?
Update: Tried, did not get it in time.

Joe Brady’s five-wide attack is a nightmare. It’s Mike Martz at the college level, with more sophisticated schemes. And then Burrow just runs it up the gut because you have to respect the weapons.

If John Ross is healthy next year, with Burrows’ deep ball…

Stephens is stiff and the weak point of the LSU defense, but damn he thicc. Little surprised they didn’t call defenseless receiver on that hit.

This just feels like a game where they don’t call anything in the secondary until a ticky-tack one in a crucial spot late.

Best places to get away with murder: South Florida, Eastern Kentucky, the Bonpas Creek area, and in the secondary of this game.

Edwards-Helaire plays a lot like Rutger Ray Rice. A mobile bowling ball.

Clemson is good. They are not dead, but damn they needed a stop there. LSU could put this one away with the opening drive of the second half.

I’m still pissed USC let Ed Orgeron go. Clay Helton is the frontrunner for first fire next year.

Second half going to start after 10:30 eastern, 9:30 my time. These are the nights I remember I’m old now.

645 yards of offense in a half and it honestly doesn’t even feel like the defenses have been that bad.

Halftime music selection tonight: Josh Ritter. Good enough for Isbell, good enough for me.

This is a great game and I’m still running out of steam.

Wait, I muted the halftime show. Jim Brown was what?

Tim Tebow had nearly a thousand more rushing yard than Jim Brown.

Jim Brown’s career was basically any year of Jonathon Taylor’s time at Wisconsin.

Houston’s D’eriq King has entered the transfer portal. Mr. King, I have a Mr. Riley on line one. Will keep an eye on Heisman futures for that one.

LSU has a freshman starting at CB, and Clemson has avoided him almost all night. Kid was PFF’s top graded coverage corner in CFB this year.

Hated to see Latimer get kicked out before he could smash his head into a window.

I said coming in, I thought LSU’s offense was slightly better than Clemsons, but that Clemson’s defense was significantly better than LSUs. I was wrong on the first part, for sure. No slightness to it.

35-25 early in the fourth. If LSU scores here, I’m going to bed.

…and they scored. Night ya’ll.


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