Morning Buzz

I was never much of a coffee drinker. Couldn’t get over the taste, with or without all the sweeteners and creams. For years, I have stuck to my Rockstar Recovery a day regimen. Not the healthiest, I know. But, I rationalized that since they were not carbonated, they weren’t as bad as a regular Rockstar, Red Bull, etc.

But, when my friend Misty opened a coffee shop downtown, I started ordering every now and then just to support the business. Eventually, I got use to the taste. I started supplementing the caffeine intake with coffee on occassion. I even started using Sarah’s Keurig some. I know, I know, coffee purists just grimaced.

Well, last summer, I bought a pack of coffee, because I am a nerd and the marketing was a nostalgic throwback for me.

Only thing is, I didn’t pay attention when I bought them. They are whole bean. So, a grinder entered the repertoire. Only, those don’t work super well with a Keurig, so I added a french press a while back. And an electric kettle. Great, more kitchen gadgets.

Crap, I’m all in now. How did this happen? All because I saw a bag of coffee beans that reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books. Nostalgia is still undefeated.

Well, now, I’m a coffee drinker. And as I tend to do, I researched the next step in this journey. Ya’ll should know by now I’m not the guy who is going to just get some Folgers or Starbucks from Walmart. I tried to find my favorite blend Misty sold, Black Rifle’s CAF, but they don’t sell it in whole bean. So, I found some “Best Coffee” lists. Atop one of them was a name that jumped out at me. Again, cleverness in names over tastes. I’m still not enough of a snob to actually tell much difference in blends. I fully admit, I bought this coffee with the intention of telling people I bought it for the name. I’m a special kind of asshole, we know this.

Yep, I found a coffee called Smart Ass, made by Kicking Horse. Because of course I did.

From the website:
AROMA: Sweet syrup, vanilla bean, stone fruit.
TASTING NOTES: Tart red currant, notes of sugar cane and milk chocolate, with a honeyed berry body.

Sure, I’ll go with that.

I drink it black. Sweeteners didn’t help the taste before, so I’m not going to bother making it unhealthy. Black is just fine by me.

Pre-grind whole bean.

So, both of us now start our days with a tumbler full of Smart Ass. Sarah just can’t escape it, I guess.

Any recommendations for what to get next?


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