Meditation. Yes, Meditation.

I’ve never been someone who meditates. At least, not in the traditional sense. I’ve done some gratitude journaling. I write lyrics and poems sometimes, never to be shared with the world but just to think on life and such. I’ve even done some breathing practices, mostly box breathing.

My most often used form of “meditation”, and for the majority of my life, involved headphones and a dark room. Often a glass whiskey. I will literally lay on my basement gym floor and disappear into someone else’s head. It eventually leads to getting into mine, but it starts with someone else’s thoughts. I have a committed relationship with music. I merely flirt with my wife. (Probably gonna pay for that one if she reads this. Who am I kidding, no one reads this.)

But, I recently decided to add guided meditations to my daily routine. So I turned to where all the experts are: YouTube. Literally, i just searched for “guided meditation for beginners.” I just completed a seven-day one. I picked a short one on purpose.

I don’t really do the woo-woo of chakras and body temperature control, but I do like the gratitude, relaxation focus and breathing techniques. These weren’t bad for a start, and I may repeat them. Yeah, apparently I’m the guy who does this sort of thing now. Adulthood sneaks up on ya, huh?

Anyone got any recommendations for me to try in this regard? Or should I just go back to the whiskey and Avett Brothers?


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