Take The Points–Dec. 25, 2020

Here is this week’s episode of Take The Points, on Wabash TV. Bruce and Jamey this week.

0:00–Intro, community calendar, national days, what’s on TV

15:00–Christmas toys, NCAA football talk

27:00–NCAA football bets


49:00–NFL Bets

55:00–Basketball talk

Season To Date Best Bet Results

Weez: NCAA 16-10, NFL 12-15, Total 28-25, Superdog 33.5.
Bruce: NCAA 15-12, NFL 13-15, Total 28-27, Superdog 25.
Jamey: NCAA 17-11, NFL 16-11, Overall: 33-24, Superdog 27.
Lucas: NCAA 11-13, NFL 13-15, Overall 24-26, Superdog 38.
Overall: NCAA 59-46, NFL 54-56, Overall: 113-102.

This Week’s Best Bets

NFLFalcons +11Saints -7Cardinals -4.5Dolphins -3
NFLTitans +3.5Seahawks -1.5Packers -3.5Broncos +3.5
NCAALiberty +7Buffalo -5Houston O60.5Buffalo -4.5
NCAAMemphis/FAU U52.5Miami +2.5Buffalo O54Florida/OK O71.5
SuperdogMarshall +5Liberty +7La Tech +6.5Ball St. +7.5

Remember, Take The Points…fade the picks.

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Bruce Dickey
Lucas Vaughan


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