BDC Football Leaderboard, 2021 Spring

Here are the top 10 rushers, passers and receivers for the Black Diamond Conference season, 2021 spring edition, which was a shortened, six-week schedule.

A few notes:
Stats from Fairfield, Edwards County, Eldorado, Carmi, Chester and Johnston City are official team stats. The rest are unofficial stats compiled from available box scores. Coaches, if you see an omission, email me at Stats include nonconference games.



1—Caleb Davis, CZR, 146-952-12.

2—Jaden Lance, SVW, 134-843-8

3—Jordan Meredith, Ch, 87-544-9.

4— Parker Price, Eld, 94-518-8.

5—Isaac King, CWC, 109-512-4.

6— Austin Brown, JC, 54-506-7.

7—Blake Pruitt, FCHS, 65-510-3.

8—Isiah Watson, JC, 45-455-6.

9—Kaleb Wells, FCHS, 78-419-5.

10—Sam Harris, JC, 54-360-5.


(Pass attempts-yards-TDs)

1—Colin Sveda, CZR, 108-803-6.

2—Austin Brown, JC, 75-619-7.

3—Landon Zurliene, FCHS, 103-581-9.

4—Kade St. Ledger, EC, 79-520-3.

5—Aiden Whitlock, Eld, 69-435-3.

6—Ethan Stumpe, Ch, 45-374-7.

7—Grady Lueke, HC, 88-314-1.

8—Carson Hoffard, SVW, 62-293-3.

9—Dylan Kelkhoff, Ch, 36-237-3.

10—Brody Atteberry, CWC, 55-187-1.



1— Corbin Hickey, JC, 17-366-5.

2— Elijah Reeves, CZR, 18-316-2.

3—Cooper Eggemeyer, Ch, 16-295-8.

4—Ezra Burtis, Eld, 18-265-3.

5—Alex Calverley, EC, 13-237-0.

6—Jordan Meredith, Ch, 16-235-3.

7—Dylan Rhodes, EC, 14-193-2.

8—Camden Robbins, FCHS, 17-171-4.

9—Caleb Qualls, SVW, 9-138-1.

10—Jordan Winninger, JC, 11-133-2.


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