Take The Points–Sep. 3, 2021

Bruce and I with this week’s Take The Points, our attempt at education, information and entertainment on all things sports. Hey, I said it was an attempt, not that we pulled it off.

Lots of football talk, both high school and college, with week one of IHSA in the rearview and week 1 of college on the horizon. We closed it out by looking at some of my outstanding futures bets, which kind of piled up on me without paying attention.

With college kicking up, we started our annual football picks contest, with each of the four of us making our four picks. With NFL still a week away, we made four college picks and a SuperDog pick this week. For the SuperDog, we are picking an underdog of four points or more to win outright.

Remember, Take The Points…fade the picks.

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Bruce Dickey
Lucas Vaughan
Jamey Hodges


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