This Weekend In Football Upsets

NCAA Football

Ranked Teams Losing

#2 Ohio State lost at #5 Michigan, 42-27
#10 Oklahoma lost at #7 Oklahoma St. 373-33
#14 Wisconsin lost at Minnesota, 23-13
#15 Texas A&M lost at LSU, 27-24.
#22 UTSA lost at North Texas, 45-23

Rivalry weeks fails to disappoint in the big games. And the above doesn’t even include the bonkers Alabama/Auburn 4OT game.

Next Week’s Ranked vs. Ranked

#10 Oregon vs #17 Utah (Friday, 7 p.m.)
#9 Baylor vs #5 Oklahoma St (11 a.m.)
#1 Georgia vs. #3 Alabama (3 p.m.)
#21 Houston vs. #4 Cincinnati (3 p.m.)
#15 Pittsburgh vs. #16 Wake Forest (7 p.m.)
#2 Michigan vs. #13 Iowa (7 p.m.)

Yep, it’s conference championship week. I think we all expected this ACC tilt, right?


Underdog Wins

Raiders 36, Cowboys 33 as 7.5-point underdogs.
Giants 13, Eagles 7, as 4-point underdogs.
Jets 21, Texans 14, as 3-point underdogs.
Broncos 28, Chargers 13, as 3-point underdogs.
Packers 36, Rams 28, as 2-point underdogs.
Dolphins 33, Panthers 10, as 1.5-point underdogs.
WFT 17, Seahawks 15, as 1.5-point underdogs.

Also, Lincoln Riley, USC. End paragraph.

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