Branch on Fire: Sagamore Spirit Straight Rye

This was one of my free quarterly selections from my Flaviar subscription, which I have since let expire as I really need to drink through what I have for a while.

Sagamore Spirit is out of Maryland and is fairly news. This straight rye got a 95/100 from Tasting Magazine in 2017, for that this is worth. They get their name from the local thoroughbred racing farm. This is one that started out using MGP-sourced juice.

Checking in at just 83 proof, this is light on the heat, as in there is practically none. This can be left on the tongue for quite a while before any sort of burn sets in. The rye spice is subtle and fades quickly, with vanilla and apricot tones.

This whiskey is fine. There is nothing wrong with it, but it also not one I’m likely to buy. There are simply other reasonably priced ryes I would prefer. Recently, I have rated Few and Driftless Glen both slightly ahead of this. For rye old fashion drinkers, this isn’t a bad choice on the cheaper side.

Retail price: around $40.

Rating: 85

Whiskey Ratings

95: Lagavulin 16
93: Lagavulin 11 Offerman Edition, Peerless Double Oak
92: Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old
91–George Remus 2020 Cask Strength (A1 pick), Glenfiddich Fire & Cane
90: High West Campfire, Few Rye, Knob Creek Small Batch 100
89: Old Forester Rye, Knob Creek Brown Butter 120 (A1 Pick)
88: Buffalo Trace, Oban Night’s Watch, Driftless Glen Single Barrel Rye
87: Breckenridge Bourbon
86: Indiana Whiskey Just Whiskey Cask Strength
85: Wolfburn Aurora, Jameson Stout Edition, Sagamore Spirit Straight Rye
83: Buchanan’s Deluxe 12
1: Jameson Orange. Yeah, I said it.

Gin Ratings

88: Dogfish Head Compelling Gin

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