NFL DFS Week 2

Here we go for week 2. Made money last week with a 36% ROI gain.

This week, we got cash on the left, GPP-only on the right. I tend to enter my cash in a GPP or two as well. Too many times of having my cash lineup go off and wishing I had it in a GPP, so I throw it in a cheap GPP most weeks.

Cash-wise, Jacobs will be the most owned RB this week, and Waller the same at TE, as we try to take advantage of the Draftkings pricing coming out before the late Monday game. As for Kupp, I almost always guess wrong on which Rams WR to pick each week. Rams wide receivers are the new New England running backs. Speaking of New England, I’m not sure how sound it is to not have a single Patriot in a week they are nearly a three-touchdown favorite, yet here I am.

GPP-wise, I went Thompson over Peterson hoping they fall behind. Going Allen at QB allowed me to load up with Hopkins/Thomas/Kamara, three high-salary guys.


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