Instant Classic: Houston-Tulane

There was a beautiful football game to watch last night. No, not the Minshew Mania Bowl, although that can be a different type of fun, because the Minshew Mustache Mafia is going to be a thing if I have anything to do with it.

No, the Houston-Tulane game over on ESPN was much more entertaining, despite Houston trucking Tulane early and going up 28-7. I tuned into this one mostly because Houston quarter D’eriq King reminds me of Antwaan Randle El, Indiana’s greatest football player of my time.

Tulane had never come back from more than 14 points down in a game. HAD.

The finish was just fantastic. Highlights below, worth the watch.

Was asked if I was okay with the trickeration on the last drive. Yes, yes I was. In a tie game, do whatever you need to. I’m not a fan of the defense playing through an obvious kneeling situation when a team is in the lead. I’m looking at you Greg Schiano. But, all is fair in love, war and tie ball games. You do you, Willie Fritz.

For those of you Houston backers at +5, damn the luck. I almost did it. Lady Luck is a fickle woman, is she not?


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