Drunk Disney Is The Best Disney

After spending a day at Disneyland, followed by a day brewery hopping, we returned to a mostly park day Sunday.

My first several trips to Las Vegas for March Madness, we stayed at Planet Hollywood. Located right across from the PH sportsbook was an Earl of Sandwich. This was back before mobile betting or kiosks, so the lines were ridiculous in the mornings that opening week of the NCAA basketball tournament. So was the Earl line. So, one of us would get in one line, and another would get in the other. Vegas did not happen for a few years, and the trip moved down to old Vegas, so I had not had Earl in several years.

That is not a big deal. It honestly isn’t all that great. But, nostalgia is undefeated, so…

West coast breakfast Sunday also meant I got to watch Liverpool dismantle Manchester City first thing in the morning. Shout out to English Phil. It has been real fun rooting for the Mersyside boys the last couple of years.

Then it was back to the park for more rides. That included the Emotional Whirlwind from Inside Out, while we waited for our fast pass for the Toy Story shooter to load. Sarah wanted a rematch. Yes, this stupid little shooter game/ride became a favorite. This is what happens when you gamify a ride for a competitive couple.

She made the most of it, edging me in the second trip through. We never got to the rubber match.

Back to Downtown Disney for lunch at Ballast Point, a brewpub just outside our hotel. We have been to the Ballast Point in Chicago before, which has a fantastic rooftop bar overlooking the downtown skyline. At Disney, we also hit the patio upstairs, not quite as high, but high and remote enough to make it feel less “Disney”, which is a handy respite on occasion. Solid beer, and some legit lamb tomahawks.

80 percent of my t-shirt rack at this point is concert and brewery tees.

We somehow managed to top those lamb hawks with supper Sunday, making reservations at Carthay Circle, one of the nicer restaurants within Disneyland. Great food, great wine, great friends. Folks, that is the trifecta. Tossed in a couple old fashions before the meal as well.

Bao buns, duck wings, pork chop, birthday dessert, two really good bottles of pinot noir.

Ol’ Weez was fat, drunk and stupid by this point. Suck it, Wormer. And I have to say, Drunk Disney is the best Disney. After supper, we went back to the rides, including a night time trip through the Cars ride again. That one and Toy Story wound up being the only two rides we repeated on the week. We also hit It’s a Small World, Monster’s Inc and Big Thunder before the night was over.

It was an honor just to be nominated. I never expected to win.
(Hey, I said I was drunk).

They were in the middle of building a gingerbread house in the lobby of the Grand Californian.


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