Training Log: Kaizen June 1-7, 2020

I have been consistently plugging away for five months now, making steady but not spectacular progress. That is fine by me. I’m not pushing any deadlines here, just training for life. Boring, but better. Remember: from shit to suck to good to great.

Well, I suffered my first setback Saturday during my squat session. Right after posting this picture on Instagram, actually.

Right after bragging, I got loose at the bottom of a squat in my first set, and felt a sharp pain in the medial side of the right knee. I got the weight racked, then laid down on the rubber horse stall mats. I tested the knee. It didn’t feel too bad. I’m good. I did two more sets. I definitely felt it, but focusing on making sure I kept pushing my knees out, I was able to grind through two more sets.

It took about 10 minutes to figure out that was probably (definitely) really dumb. As I type this three days later, I still can’t walk up steps without pain. Walking is fine. Bending while not weight bearing is fine. Bending while weight bearing? Nope.

I haven’t done any deload-type weeks since starting back up regularly in December. My heavy work is repeated at most once every eight days, and I’m not doing a ton of accessory work. The body weight circuits are more about heart rate and “greasing the movement” than pushing any envelopes.

Well, hello deload week. I am going to take off completely until Wednesday. From lifting, from body weight, from the long walks (still have to take short ones with Cosmo). On Wednesday, I will reevaluate the knee and if needed, resume some upper body work if not lower. Time to start practicing “waddya bench, bro?”

Monday, June 1, 2020


Mobility: BSquat / Oh RIb Mobility / T-spine plate smash

Jog: .06 miles

1x 3R2APGD + 4x 3RAPGD

Press 5×45, 4×95, 3×115, 2×135, 1×155, 3x5x160

Max Situps in 1:10–25

Podcast: Primal Blueprint Radio: Mark Sisson
Podcast: Healthy Rebellion Radio: The End of Meat is Here: Article Debunk with Diana Rodgers

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Article: Joe Sullivan’s Knee Wrap Tutorial for Raw Lifters (I don’t wrap in training, but that is a good tutorial for those who do.)

Cut to the high school kids saying their form isn’t off, they are just working their lats.
“Invest wisely and you will never regret owning good equipment.”

Article: Bench Pressing Tips from Louis Simmons
Article: Big Jim Williams Bench Press Seminar


SPSPH 3×10 (switched from air squats to 10# goblet squats)

Snatch 5×45, 4×95, 3×115, 1×130, 5x1x140

Box Jumps 3×5

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Podcast: Primal Blueprint–Surviving The Covesity Pandemic


Rickshaw Carry 8x 25 yards x 165#, Every 1:30

1x 3R2APGD + 4x 3RAPGD

Saturday, June 6, 2020


SPSPH 2×10

Squats 5×45 4×135, 3×185, 2×225, 1×275, 1×315, 3x5x335

Seated DB Press 3x10x25s

Mobility: BSquat / Saddle / Banded Elbow Distractions (281) / Calf KB / Back Knee Smash w/ lacrosse ball


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