NFL Draftkings Week 14

Here is what I’m looking at this week.

Cash on the left, Early slate only on the right.

Players in both: Tim Patrick, Jordan Akins. Both are basically last men standing in depleated offenses.

Switched it up a bit this week as I have an Early games only lineup, along with my cash play. Early slate was for a Mission complete on Draftkings.

Wilson has been cold for a few weeks. Well, enter the Jets. I actually think they might cover the 14-point spread, and Wilson won’t be able to put it in the tank after halftime. Yeah, I know Adam Gase can easily screw that up. I did this instead of actually betting on the Jets this week. I ran him back with the Seahawks defense just in case.

Cash lineup is going to need the Packers to go off, with Jones, Adams and Tonyan, but not Rodgers, so I will need the right guys to score the points.

Happy hunting.


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