Take The Points–April 30, 2021

We had all four of us back together again? What was the special occasion? Well, mostly schedules breaking right, but also, the NFL Draft plus the Kentucky Derby in the same weekend.

We led off the NFL Draft talk, doing mock draft rooms and picks for the first 10 spots in the draft, and then some general talk on players and teams.

Our 10-pick mock draft went as follows:


In Pocket

We also gave some In Pocket draft bets. My bets so far are:

Trevor Lawrence First Overall -10000 (hey, free five bucks)
Kyle Pitts U5.5 -305 (bet twice, accidentally, so…umm…Let’s Go Pitts)
Trevon Moehrig-Woodard First Safety -400
U5.5 QBs in first round -590
Jaycee Horn U12.5 -177

Derby Picks

The final segment all about the horsies. Go fast, horsies.

We gave Win, Place and Show picks, as well as sleeper picks (20-1 or longer). We did not get into any trifecta/superfecta talk this year.

The picks:

Bruce Dickey

W–Rock Your World (15) 5-1

P–Hot Rod Charlie (9) 8-1

S–Highly Motivated (17) 10-1

Sl–Sainthood (5) 50-1


W–Highly Motivated (17) 10-1

P–Known Agenda (1) 6-1

S–Dynamic One (11) 20-1

Sl–Sainthood (5) 50-1


W–Known Agenda (1) 6-1

P–Essential Equality (14) 2-1

S–Medina Spirit (8) 15-1

Sl–Dynamic One (11) 20-1


W–Essential Equality (14), 2-1.

P–Highly Motivated (17) 10-1

S–Mandaloun (7) 15-1

Sl–Sainthood (5) 50-1

Remember, Take The Points…fade the picks.

Twitter Handles

Bruce Dickey
Lucas Vaughan

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