Branch on Fire: Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye

I’m mostly a whiskey guy when it comes to my firewater, but I’m an equal opportunity guy. So I was intrigued when I saw the Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye blend on Flaviar, the spirit subscription service I use for delivery.

Named after the tailor turned spy of the Revolutionary War, HMRR is a new take on an old recipe, lifted from the times of the man himself. This is part spirt, part heavy-hitting cocktail.

The recipe:

Here is what makes up this blended drink:
50 percent rum (3 different Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana)
50 percent rye (3 different Ryes, including one New York grown)
Then they add a unique bitters blend and fresh ginger before hand bottling, sealing and labeling.

So what does all that add up to: imagine an oaky Mule without the ginger beer. It sips just fine neat. It is actually fairly sweet on its own. If you are not a neat drinker, however, try it splashed over ice, or better yet, with a splash of ginger beer over ice. Call it a Mulligan Mule, or something. You know what, that might not be a bad golf cocktail now that I say it out loud. Sipping neat, there is already plenty of ginger on the nose with plenty of honey on the taste. You don’t get the rye spice until the swallow, where the sweetness dissipates and the kick lingers.

With the New York and Caribbean connection, the naming and branding is quite clever if not a tad obvious. The brand is actually a Flaviar exclusive, so it is not much of a surprise it made their 2021 community awards list.

Still, it is a solid take and a useful tool in the sophisticate drunk’s toolbox. Well worth grabbing if you are a member.

Rating: 92 (I’d take a 90+ whiskey over this, but I’m giving bonus points for attempting something different)

Whiskey Ratings

93: Lagavulin 11 Offerman Edition
92: Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old
91–George Remus 2020 Cask Strength A1 pick, Glenfiddich Fire & Cane
90: High West Campfire, Few Rye, Knob Creek Small Batch 100
89: Old Forester Rye
88: Buffalo Trace, Oban Night’s Watch
87: Breckenridge Bourbon
85: Wolfburn Aurora
83: Buchanan’s Deluxe 12

Gin Ratings

88: Dogfish Head Compelling Gin


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