Fab Five Friday–July 16, 201

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to. A few months off edition.

That’s right. FFF is back. It’s been a while (April, I do believe). The blog took a backburner when the second job went haywire. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a backlog of good music I’ve been listening too. I’m not even going to try catch ya’ll up completely. Instead I’ll work backwards up my list and see where the nights take us.

Wild Feathers–Ain’t Lookin’

The new Wild Feathers album, Alvarado, is due out Oct. 8, and they just dropped the first single off of it. Ain’t Lookin’ pumps the gas and is a perfect windows down, crank it song to close out the summer. With a grooving guitar lick to build around, this one keeps the hook simple and catchy. Like I said, a good car song.

Corduroy Brown–Secret War ft. Arlo McKinley

Corduroy Brown hails from West Virginia. I swear some of the best music from the last several years is coming not out of Nashville or Texas, but out of Appalachia. That includes Arlo McKinley (technically Cincinnati, but Appalachia is a feeling, not a place in my book. A lot of Arlo’s songs deal with mental torture, addiction and torment. You know, fun and light. Even when he is featured, the song’s subject matter hits heavy and sits hard on the soul.

Drayton Farley–Pull Apart

Speaking of that Appalachian feel, Drayton Farley has one of my favorite albums of the year. A Hard Up Life comfortably sits in my Top 5 of 2021 so far. Pull Apart is not on that album. It is a follow up single. It would easily fit in with that collection, however. There is within the possibilities that in a future multiverse, Farley starts turning out some Isbell-level stuff. He’s not far off now.

Zac Brown Band–Out In The Middle

I am hit or miss with Zac Brown Band. At their worst, it is Kenny Chesney level crap. But when they find a southern rock groove song, they can still put out some damn fun stuff. Is this still Bro Country and mostly just naming things rednecks like? Yes. Will I still crank it up and drift away with a PBR in my hand anyway? Yep.

Dorothy–What’s Coming To Me

Dorothy has put out same outright stadium anthem type songs. This one doesn’t hit that note, as it is more of a slow burn, explode, slow burn, explode song. Remember kids, this life don’t come free.

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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