My First Comic Con, and the Loot

Anyone who reads this blog knows my nerdom is well established by this point. Movies, music, collectibles, sports, comics, etc. I run the gamut, but I tend to go all out immersion when I get into something.

And while I have a comics log on this very blog, I need to backtrack a little in regards to comics. See, I did not grow up on comics. As a child of the 80s/90s, pretty much every dime of money I could collect went into baseball cards. Back then, I could tell you what Terry Pendleton batted in 1992, but not who Scott Lang was. I was not a comic books kid. Now, I did the cartoons and the figures that went with them: Transformers, He-Man, X-Men, ects. But, I never bought, or read, comics as a kid.

In college, we had a comic book store in Charleston. I was into The Crow by then, so I would tag along with a buddy looking for anything related to The Crow, O’Barr, or similar worlds. That was when Image was starting and they were darker, so I would grab some Image stuff back then.

I never did get into DC stuff, but I did eventually nerd out on Marvel, circling back to stuff following the explosion that was the MCU. I have a couple of boxes of comics, either bought in the 90s or in the last couple of years as I have gotten into comics. But I do most of my reading digitally.

And I also had never attended a comic con. Free Comics Day was about as close as I had come. So, my bona fides are a little light in this world.

Well, I finally made a con. Albeit, a small, local one. But, one I enjoyed. The Burg Comics Con was held in Harrisburg today, so I grabbed a couple friends and headed down. According to the show poster, this was the 10th annual.

There was some cosplay, a silent auction, some artists in attendance selling sketches, gaming in the back, etc. And lots of lots of pull boxes, and a few of the graded, glass case keys displayed behind the boxes as always. Basically, what I would have perceived a basic con to be.

It was a good first one to hit. Nothing too overwhelming. Everyone friendly. Enough stuff to be interesting. Despite having a limited collection (only 139 issues according to the app I just downloaded this week), I’m also picky about what I’m going to buy physical copies of. I actually prefer reading comics digitally. Books, no. Comics, yes. But I am still a collector at heart. So, sometimes I just can’t help myself. Plus, you know, free comics galore.

With that in mind, here was my haul today:

This guy was at the show. Enjoyed chatting music with him, so I bought his stuff. It’s like when I buy all the merch after the concert.
My first graded comic. I always assumed it would be New Mutants #98 or Caliber Presents #1, but not a bad first one either.
A collected series of Deadpool Assassin.
The stack of freebies.
A $10 mystery box. Also, I now have two pair of these Beast socks.
Secret Wars and that Brzrkr were my biggest purchases.
If you read above, you know why I bought this print from one of the artists there.
Remember when I said I watched the X-Men cartoon. I actually do have quite a few of the 92 X-men run. This filled in some holes for a buck apiece. Plus, hey, X-Force.

While I did not do any cosplay, and was glad I didn’t don the Ric Flair robe when the AC in the building went out, I did get several “nice shirts” on the day.

All said and done, I’ll be back, Burg Comics Con.


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