This Weekend In Football Losers

College Football Ranked Teams Losing

#21 Minnesota lost at home to Purdue, 20-10.

#7 Kentucky lost at #14 Ole Miss, 22-19, but covered +6.5.

#23 Florida St. lost at home to #22 Wake Forest, 31-21.

#20 Arkansas lost at home to #2 Alabama, 49-26.

#16 Baylor lost at home to #9 Oklahoma St, 36-25.

#17 Texas A&M lost at Miss St., 42-24.

#10 NC State lost at #5 Clemson, 30-20.

#24 Pittsburgh lost at home to Georgia Tech, 26-21.

So, eight ranked teams losing this week, including three losing to unranked teams.

Scores That Lied To You

I search for this tweet every week. I would love to see someone with more time go back and do a Next Week ATS for teams where the number is below, say, 30 percent.

NFL: Who Let The Dogs Out

Favorites who lost:

Colts (-4) lost at home to Titans, 24-17.

Lions (-3.5) lost at home to Seattle, 48-45.

Steelers (-3) lost at home to New York Jets, 24-20.

Buccaneers (-2) lost at home to Kansas City, 41-31. (Bucs opened +2).

Browns (-1) lost at Atlanta, 23-20.

Panthers (-1) lost at home to Arizona, 26-16.

Six upsets, but nobody bigger than four points. And yet I still got knocked out of survivor. I deserve it for taking the Lions in a favorite role.

Non Football Loser of the Week

My liver, thanks to my sister’s wedding. Yes, I resisted the urge to list my new brother-in-law, for marrying my sister.


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