This Weekend In Football Losers

College Football Ranked Teams Losing

#7 Ole Miss lost at LSU, 45-20.

#9 UCLA lost at #10 Oregon, 45-30.

#14 Syracuse lost at #5 Clemson, 27-21.

#17 Kansas St. lost at #8 TCU, 38-28.

#20 Texas lost at #11 Oklahoma St., 41-34.

#24 Mississippi St. lost at #5 Alabama, 30-6.

Mostly ranked-on-ranked crime once again this week, with Ole Miss the only team to lose to an unranked team, and that game went off at virtually a pick ’em, so not exactly an upset either.

Scores That Lied To You

I search for this tweet every week. I would love to see someone with more time go back and do a Next Week ATS for teams where the number is below, say, 30 percent.

NFL: Who Let The Dogs Out

Favorites who lost:

-13 Buccaneers lost at Panthers, 21-3.

-8 Patriots lost at home to Bears, 33-14.

-4.5 Packers lost at Commanders, 23-21.

-4.5 Chargers lost at home to Seahawks, 37-23.

-3 Jags lost at home to Giants, 23-17.


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