Time For A Plan

5-feet, 6-inches, 265 pounds, 48.5-inch waist.

Those are not good numbers. And it is beyond time to do something about it. So, it is time for a plan, and to implement that plan instead of just saying I’ll change and then doing nothing about it.

I was doing well until last year. I took a promotion, adding a ton of hours. I quit teaching at the local gym. I got married. I turned 40. I used all of that as excuses. I got into the worst shape of my life.

So, I am putting this here in the hopes ya’ll can help hold me accountable. If you see me out, ask me how the below is going. Shame me if I say not good. Shame me.


Here is the plan to get me started back on the road to beefcake-dom–the old KISS method. Back to the basics for strength, real basic, with the Starting Strength program. This is the program I like to recommend for lifters in their first year or two of strength training. I’m not that, but I’m also severely detrained. The program is basically rotating a squat/bench/deadlift day with a squat/press/clean day. 3×5 on the first two, add weight each week. Repeat until plateaus. Three times a week.

It’s not intricate, it may not even be optimal for my needs, but it is sustainable for now, and more than the perfectly dialed-in program, I need consistency. I tell people asking for programming advise my first rule is: the best program is the one they do consistently. Fine tune the rest later. Oh, and every day is leg day.

One bonus to keeping it that basic is it can all be done in my basement gym. Power rack, barbell, weights and a couple horse stall mats. Easy enough.

My all-time PRs for the powerlifts are a 600-pound squat, 400-pound bench and 578-pound deadlift. So, that my current 3×5 weights are 235 squat, 120 press, 65 clean, 135 bench and 235 deadlift is a bit humbling. None of those are difficult by any means, but I like to leave room to ramp up. Again, trying to build consistency.


As for cardio? Again, starting simple. I need to move more. As simple as that. Luckily, my employer just switched providers and my new insurance plan comes with incentives for step goals. They add money to an HSA for 10,000 steps in a day, 3,000 steps in 30 minutes and six sessions of 500 steps in five minutes. So, I am starting there–daily step goals. Once that becomes routine, then I’ll consider adding more, but not now.


I’m a Kelly Starrett fan–the idea of daily maintenance going a long way. I’ve followed his work for a few years now. Again, keeping it simple here. The plan here is to sprinkle in mini-stretching sessions at work to break up the sedentariness of a desk job. Mostly, I’ll be working through a rotation of these.


I’m not a huge fan of “this is the only way to eat” stuff. I mostly say “just don’t eat like an idiot”. That being said, I am going back to more of the primal eating style. I just tend to perform and feel better the closer I stick to it. Will I be strict? No. Will I avoid certain foods completely? No. But, I will work toward better decisions, made one day at a time.


Actually, the new job has already helped here a ton. This one I’m pretty much good to go on now. That should make the above stuff much easier too.

And, of course, I’m gonna have to log it all.

So, ask me how my fitness is going. Please.


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