Game Planning Saturday Sports

There are a couple of things that have been a relatively new experience for me in 2020. You know, besides the Big Thing.

Those two things are Saturdays off, and organizational skills. When I was at the paper and covering youth sports, Saturdays were usually my longest day of the week. Throughout the week, most games were all at the same time and I would have to choose the one or two I could make. But on Saturdays, there would be cross country in the morning, volleyball or wrestling all day and then probably some JFL somewhere or something. It wasn’t a bad life, but I did not get to watch much college sports on the weekends because of this. Even with USC game starting at nine at night. I was usually wiped by then.

As for the organizational thing, I have finally got my act together somewhat there, with to-do lists, daily habits, etc.

So, I start my Saturday by planning on which games are going on what TVs now, with college basketball, college football and Premier League all going today. Plus, you know, my gambling habit.

And do we have a solid Saturday for us today. College basketball is actually light overall, but we get a Number 1 vs. Number 2 right off the bat. College football has been a clusterf*&k all year, but that has led to some serious intrigue as well, including one of the best impromptu December games ever–BYU at Coastal Carolina. Team Chaos is rooting for the Chants this week, then Louisiana in two weeks.

So, here is what I’m looking at for my TV setup this week. Primary and secondary are actually the same size and side-by-side. Primary just means audio on.

Primary TV

11—Texas A&M at Auburn

12—Gonzaga at Baylor, CBK

2:30—Indiana at Wisconsin

4:30—BYU at Coastal Carolina

7—Alabama at LSU

Secondary TV

11:30–West Ham/ManU

12—Remainder of Texas A&M/Auburn

1—Bowling Green at Akron

2:30—Iowa at Illinois

TVs 3-7, as needed

Whatever random college basketball games I have money on. 


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