Take The Points–March 19, 2020 (Calcutta Style)

We finally got the whole gang back together. After more than a year of doing solo guests shows for Take The Points, we got all four of us together. What momentous occasion could spur such a development?

Well, the NCAA Tournament of course. And with all of us vaccinated now, the only fever we had to worry about is the March Madness fever.

To commemorate the reunion, we decided to do a mock Calcutta-style auction for the tournament.


We each pretended we had a $25,000 budget, and bid on teams to advance. You earn money back if your team wins, with the payouts increasing with each round. We spent the entire show auctioning off team.

Here are the teams we each purchased, and their earnings through round one.


Updated the chart below to include money earned, as well as put eliminated teams in red.

Updated through first two rounds.

Biggest Losses Through First Week

Obviously, Illinois was a painful one, for multiple reasons to the locals, but also for Lucas here. That wound up being a 7K hit as the second most expensive team in the field. Others: Texas: 4,200, Ohio 3,600, Iowa 3,200, Virginia 3,100.

Early Profit Through First Week

Through the first weekend, Syracuse and Oregon State for a $600 total has paid $4,500. Oral Roberts at $600 has paid $3,250.

Update Through Sweet 16

Updated After Championship Game

Remember, Take The Points…fade the picks.

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