NFL Futures Check

We have just a couple of weeks to go in the regular season, so I am taking a look at my NFL Futures bets to see where i stand.

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  • Colts o8.5 wins hit. At 9-6 already.
  • Broncos u10.5 hit. 8 losses already.
  • Texans AFC South 14/1 is dead. Took this week 1 or 2, just in case that division turned out to be trash. And no, I can’t recall what the hell I was thinking.
  • Chiefs SB 5/1 + ML Bonus: already in plus money. This was a $50 max bet, with $5 paid back for each regular season win. They are already at 11, so a SB is just gravy at this point.
  • Chiefs u12.5: in danger (hedge bet). Took when they were struggling to buy me an extra game to reach break even on the above bet. At this point, I make the same whether they win both or split the last two.
  • Stafford MVP 6/1 dead. Bet when he was leading the league in EPA. That was right before the Rams offensive nose dive.
  • Cowboys lead league in scoring 16/1. This one has a good chance of hitting. They currently have a 15 point lead on the Bucs and and the Bills are 30 back. Might consider Bucs team total overs the last two weeks as hedges.
  • Trevor Lawrence rookie of year 5/1. Dead.
  • Bill Belichick coach of the year 22.5/1. Was looking real good, and is still +750, but Matt Lafleur is the current favorite at +175, followed by Frank Reich at +300. I needed the Pats to beat the Bills this week.
  • Evan Engram u600.5 receiving yards. Bet this before his injury. He is sitting at 392 yards, so this is fairly safe, barring a bust out the last two weeks with Make Glennfromm.
  • Trevor Lawrence o3.5 rushing TDs. Really thought they would let him run a little more in the redzone. This has been a frustrating one. I have seen him get stuffed on sneaks a couple of times, and then he fumbled going in from the one this week. Sitting at two, I need two more in the final two weeks. Not great odds.

So, I have already made a small profit, with bigger payouts possible if the Cowboys hold on to the scoring lead and/or the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. I’ll take it. Also, you may see me tweeting at every NFL guy I know about how underrated Belichick’s performance this year was. Just ignore those.


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