Kaizen: Training Log, Jan. 24-29, 2022

If you read my last book review, you saw that I was switching up my training a little bit. If not, you can head to that post to see what I’m doing and why. The short version is, I’m taking a break for the 5/3/1 style powerlifting and going a little more bodybuilder-style training in the name of joint health. Last week was my first week doing Joe DeFranco’s Rebuilt 2.0 program.

I have to admit, there are a few movements in here I really, really suck at. Which, as we know, means I probably need to be doing them more often.

Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022

Rebuilt Pull Warmup

  1. Straight Arm Band Pulldown 8-8-8
  2. Band No Money External Rotation 12-12-12

Half Kneeling Single Arm Lat Pulldown w/Iso Hold 10×25, 8×35, 8×40

Chest Supported DB Rows ISO hold 10x25s, 10x25s, 10x25s

Chest Supported ISO Alternation DB Rows 8x20s

  1. ISO Hold YWTI 3×15 sec. Each
  2. DB Smash Spider Curls 10x10s, 10x10s, 10x10s

Incline 1.5-rep DB Curls 8x15s, 9x15s

Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022

Rebuilt Lower Warmup

  1. Wall Tib Raises 15-15-15
  2. Band Moonwalks 15-15-15
  3. Single Leg Seated Band Curls 15-15-15
  1. Split Stance Barbell RDL 3x8x45
  2. Band Assisted Reverse Nordics 3x6xlight

KOT Split Squat Front Toe Elevated 10, 10x10s, 10x10s

  1. Hypers 10-10-10
  2. Foam Roller Body Saw 6-4-5

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022

Mob Flow 4x

Rebuilt Push Warmup

  1. YW Raises w/PVC 8-8-8
  2. DB Flyes 10s 10-10-10
  3. DB Tricep Kickbacks 10s 12-12-12
  1. See Saw Pushups 10-10-12
  2. Band Pull Aparts OH mini 10-10-10

Slight Decline DB Bench w/pause 55# 14-4-7-7-5=40 in 4:33

Slight Decline DB Squeeze Bench 45s 10-7

Prone Incline DB Raise 20x10s, 10x15s, 10x15s

Flat DB Tricep Ext 120x10s, 12x10s, 12x10s

Single Arm Cable Lateral Raise 21s 1×5#

Monday, Jan. 24, 2022

Airdyne 2.0 miles, 7:30

Mob Flow 3x

Push up max 21

Goblet Squats 90+20# Vest 20

Lat Pull 10×140

Rev Lunge Contralateral weight 5×90 each

Farmer Walks 90# DBs 25 seconds


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